Welcome to Maple Lawn Farm!

Welcome to our operation! Maple Lawn Farm consists of 2 main farms. The original homeplace is home to the infamous maple trees to which we owe our farm name. We have a variety of barns and outbuildings, along with small pastures and our finishing feed lot located here. Our other farm has just our house and a small barn set in the middle of the acreage.  Our little barn is the winter haven for our herd.  We usually have a corn crop in rotation, so once it's harvested, we run a temporary fence around and let the cattle graze the cornstalks.  We supplement hay and high moisture corn during this time, but it allows the cattle plenty of sunlight and room to graze during the time when the pastures must be rested.  The barn is just big enough to let the herd in, and it sure is a sight to see on cold winter nights when they're all cozied up.  The wind may be howling, but they're as happy as can be. 


We also are fortunate to graze three large pastures for the spring, summer and early fall months.  The pastures are perfect for growing new calves.  Springtime grass is lush, there's a variety of ponds and shade on each property which provides unlimited access to fresh water, but the mamas enjoy their pool time as well. On a hot summer day, it's routine to see herds of deer grazing while a hawk circles lazily overhead.  The cattle, as expected, also thrive here  It's a peaceful, tranquil setting, which makes it ideal for raising animals.




Our daily routine includes bringing the cows up nightly to check on them (we offer them a small amount of corn/mineral ration to tempt them up).  We bucket feed amongst the cattle and this makes them very tame.

When we call - they come! When we want to load or handle - they stay calm. We raise our own cows and they have many generations of being acclimated to us within them. When our son picks out cattle to show there is little effort involved when we wait until #700lbs. 

Finishing Steers:

We wean our steers a couple times per year (we calve fall / spring). They are kept on our feedlot until 1100 - 1300 lbs depending on the individual. They are fed free choices hay, mineral, soymeal protein and corn. The ration starts high protein until frame is complete - then lower protein until finished. Our beef is premium and once you experience it - you'll probably never want store bought beef- especially hamburger- again. 

We hope you see the pride we take in raising these animals. Thanks for visiting!